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THE DYNAMIC WOMBMAN: What’s Your Blog About?

Updated: Jun 2, 2023


THE DYNAMIC WOMBMAN - a blog for women to identify their true self by discovering their purpose and fulfilling it.

Working with them to channel their faith to achieve more in all areas of life. We work with women on developing their business through YEES Project - Your Empowerment Employment Services..

Prophetess Josephine Enumah founded this women's ministry to encourage women to be their true self regardless of their position in life.

As a Pastors wife, it is easy to be placed into pressure; resulting in living a life to please or not offend others and in process, you lose your own identity.

Many #influencers are falling into this category by the reason of constantly presenting their lives as perfect or for content that they lose the sense of purpose - resulting many to lies, deceit, and in worse cases, suicide.

Let us encourage ourselves and this is a platform where your voice can also be heard as a woman. Message your ideas and thoughts. As we say here:

Believe it

Talk it

Walk it

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