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Balancing Intimacy in Marriage

The Chronicles of a Prophet's Wife extends a warm welcome to all of you. 

If this is your first time reading, then you should think of yourself as a member of the Dynamite family! Being a Dynamite is living by faith and being aspired to make an influence on this life path, not just being a follower of my platforms!

Balancing intimacy and marriage can be challenging as responsibilities, children, ministry and much more can take a lot of our time.

However, maintaining intimacy is very important in marriage, as it is an exhibition that your spouse's needs are a priority for you. Communicating your needs with your spouse ensures that they have a clear understanding of what you would tolerate in your marriage.

In the video below someone anonymously asked how they would balance intimacy and the menstrual cycle. A topic that most steer away from speaking on as there are various beliefs and opinions. I believe that it boils down to effective communication and understanding between you and your spouse - setting the foundation early so that it does not become a requirement later.

I advise that you prayerfully sit down and have a genuine conversation with your spouse so that you have a mutual understanding - true communication leads to the write decision pertaining to intimacy.

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