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Living and Loving Your Dream!

You are all welcome to The Chronicles of a Prophet's Wife.

If it is your first time reading this piece, consider yourself a Dynamite; welcome to the family! Being a Dynamite does not only mean you're a follower of my platforms but somebody seeking to make an impact in this life journey, living by Faith!

If you are returning, you are already a dynamite, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I only ask for one thing, for you to SHARE to be a blessing.

I am excited to share this blog entry with you all. It is something that is SO CLOSE to my heart. As a brand and business manager, my primary objective is that you must LIVE and LOVE your dream. Your dream can be a passion, a gift or talent - just ensure it is aligned with the Lord's perfect will for your life. This consists of BELIEVING in what the Lord has placed in your hands; TALKING to the Lord about in PRAYER; WALKING and working in faith to see it come to full fruition.

One of my dreams is owning a high end clothing boutique for my ladies in ministry- Sundays Finest Boutique. I often found myself hesitating to get started due to the fear of not being able to meet up to the expectations. Initially I went back and forth with various ideas, to cater to my niche - particularly women with the same Nigerian background. Jewelry/accessories were the primary selling point; then developed to also sell African printed blouses. Sunday Finest Boutique grew on Facebook and Ebay, drawing in clients from my target audience. After a period of re-constructing, I gained the revelation to expand - establishing a stand alone online boutique.

Sundays Finest Boutique sells all things that women love and need; available to SHOP NOW:

I thank God for the GRACE to keep the dream alive. Although, in the times I would be worried, the Lord would show me signs that I should keep going. I'm sharing this story to encourage you to KEEP PUSHING! You may go through a series of changes, rebranding or hesitant to press on the dream - just make sure to LOVE and LIVE IT! For example, if you are a fashion designer, wear your clothing and showcase yourself. Let those around you identify your gift and patronage from you. This can be applied to every venture; let people see your dream on you.

Whilst you are here, be sure to check Sundays Finest Boutique and The Dynamic Wombman merchandise!

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