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How did I know I was called to be a Pastor's wife?

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

God moment beloved ladies; it’s another week, so another blog from myself: Josephine Enumah and I couldn’t be more excited to share this week’s blog with you!

One of the most important roles in the church is that of a woman who is married to a pastor, but it’s also one of the most undervalued. She is in a unique position to encourage, pray with, and support the man entrusted to lead and shepherd the congregation. Her work is often thankless and carried out behind the scenes, but it is meaningful, and its effect is felt throughout the community as she is a pillar to the ministry and the backbone to her husband. But as much as we are useful to the pastor, are we actually CALLED into that office?

When I married my husband, I knew him to be a man after God’s heart, but I married him as a brother in Church and not long later, he answered the call to ministry, to God be the glory! Emphasis on the call being his own and not mine, nevertheless I followed him and stuck with my first assignment which is being his wife. As time progressed, I became increasingly convicted within me to not only be the wife to my husband, but to pick up the role of the pastor’s wife. I knew that operating in that role would better push the agenda of God that my husband had been given, I started investing myself in ministry.

Making the decision to be the pastor’s wife and making that conscious decision and then operating in the office are two separate things, who knows what I’m talking about, ladies? I was convicted by the encounters I experienced, but even after that decision, I struggled. The struggle started by the expectations that I placed on myself by the comparisons of others who were already established in ministry and operating in their purpose alongside their husband. But I felt out of place, as though I didn’t belong and soon after my husband told me the following words that changed this story: “Just be yourself."

Those three words were simple, yet effective and that was the day I became a pastor’s wife. Making the decision to be the pastor’s wife and making that conscious decision and then operating in the office are two different things. But I appreciate that journey as I had to walk through that path of uncertainty to find my place and exhibit growth.

Let’s dive deeper into "the prophet’s wife," this is much closer to home for me. It’s one of the most challenging jobs that I’ll ever have to do for a couple of reasons, but firstly because, she is opened to attack due to the position of her husband. Secondly the mind and movement of the prophet is unpredictable, she must do her due diligence to keep up through prayers as not to slow down the assignment at hand and not to lose sight of the vision as led by her husband. These reasons and more is also why the journey of a prophet’s wife can be a lonely one.

Can you imagine being told of a vision and new assignment, but expected to follow the leading of her husband? This is why your own relationship with the Lord is absolutely important - to have your own convictions that can help push the success of the assignment even further. Above all, she will need to trust him, for better or for worse...

What are your experiences ladies? What were your expectations before you started?

Some food for thoughts this week, ladies.

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